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Teachers: The Old Soulz

Old Soulz is an old-style Jazz dance crew based in Brussels. They are greatly inspired by the originators of the African American Jazz dances mostly developed during the Harlem Renaissance pre-and-post war era. From fast, airstep driven, Lindy Hop performances to freestyle jams, Old Soulz wishes to share their greatest inspirations.

Jill De Muelenaere

Jill started dancing when she was a child. She is trained in classical ballet, modern jazz and jazz dance, contemporary dance and yoga. Specifically inspired by the authentic african american vernacular jazz dancing and the african roots of the dance, Jill is ceaselessly in search for a sense of freedom within the dance. She finds her happiness on the dancefloor, in fast athletic lindy hop, a rythmical mambo, or a slow dragging blues, and endeavours to stay true to the legacy of the era and the originators of the dances as best she can. In class her goal is to create a joyful yet challenging and encouraging experience for everyone allowing each dancer to develop their own individuality in their dancing.

Alexandre McCormack

Alex is Benelux vice champion in breakdancing and has been teaching urban dances for over 14 years. Later, McCormack discovered old clips such as Hellzapoppin and Spirit Moves, and said to himself “that’s how I want to dance this dance”. He decided to ongo the never ending journey of studying “oldschool” style of Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz. For him, originality and authenticity comes from individual expression while remaining true to the dance and its founders. He will jam for hours into the early morning to uptempo Bebop Swing, shaky Mambo and slow Blues. Back in Brussels, he trains with his group, the Old Soulz.

Astrid Akay

Astrid Akay is a theater director and actress, dancing in Brussels with the Old Soulz. Her central interest in the african american vernacular jazz dance is Lindy hop, its history and legacy today. How do we develop our own personnal dance language while inheriting of the powerful beauty and complexity of the original lindy hop ? How do we keep the freedom of improvising and the joy of surprising ourselves when dancing, and at the same time work very specifically on original video clips ? Those are some of the questions that are driving Astrid to keep learning and exploring the dance.

Sander Costerman

Sander has had a passion for the swing era, its music and aesthetic, since he was a teenager. He's part of the Brussels swing dance community and, together with the Old Soulz dance crew, he works on breaking down video footages from the great African American masters, drawing inspiration from them to keep their style and spirit alive.

Alessandro Sainanee

Sandro/Slops has been dancing Lindy hop for 8 years, at first as a random hobby, soon it became some sort of addiction. Teaching and traveling to different events was what got him closer to understanding the history and origins. The energy, the fun and the creativity of the dance was something he thought should reach as many people as possible. Although swing is close to 100 years it makes sense to explore it in our time. With the performance group Old Soulz, he promotes the old style jazz dance.

Beatrice Neagu

Beatrice is ballet, contemporary dance and theatre trained and produced. Her interest in Lindy Hop planet is its social inclusive community having the universal language of sound and movement. Inspired and transformed by the musicians and dancers's Genius, regrouped in Harlem-NYC of the 1900 to the 1950's era, gets the best out of Authentic self. She favors passing on the Greatness of oldtimers style of dance. The best dancer is the one knowing most music and the one having most fun !

Our levels

This workshop will be focusing on three key aspects : sharing inspirations from famous Jazz dance originators, exploring swing techniques they've found to enable personal freedom and developing one's own individual style and expression.


If you feel like you're struggling with fast dancing or being able to take personal freedom in your dance, this is the level for you. We will explore some key principles that will help you up your swing game.


This level caters to dancers who are comfortable on a tempo of 200bpm but who would like to expand their repertoire. We are going to work on some basics and more flashy moves without the need for aerials.


Fixed partners mandatory. There will be no change of partners. The main focus will be diving into some of the originators styles or routines, as to open your mind in favouring your own. We'll open doors with some swing principles, explore jams and encourage you to innovate your own style. Anybody is invited to come but beware it will be fast paced. People who wish to explore their personal expression will get more out of this workshop.